Our guest today is Andrii Kosynskyi – a Director of television shows. He came to the United States for a vacation, so we couldn’t lost a chance to talk with him today. Good morning!

Good morning to you and good morning to all our listeners. My name is Andrii Kosynskyi. I directed TV projects in Ukraine, according to some of the projects you could watched here: “Inspector Freimut”, “Na nozhah’’( “On the Knives” ) with Olha Freimut, “Vokrug M” ( “Around M” ) with Lesya Nikityuk and “Oryol I Reshka.Shopping” ( “Heads and Tails” ) and many others.

1. Tell us your story.

My story in Ukrainian television has been started about 8 years ago and is continues to this day. One difference is the projects are more interesting through the years. I started not as a TV director. On my first job I came as an editor and worked on drama series, what was called “Ex-Girlfriend” for “Noviy Kanal” channel. Our editing rooms were located near Film studio shooting stage in suburb, not so far from Kyiv. The studio was strictly control like in a prison. It’s not just about an entrance pass. Security guards would questions about any movement through the complex, you could smoke only in two certain tiny corners in whole gigantic territory of studio, any food was strictly prohibited except the cafeteria. Imagine, that you edit at night and people would constantly come in and check if you have any sandwich or chocolates in your editing room. I don’t know what kind of the rules at this studio now, after that project I had never work there again. After this show I have been invited to the “1+1” tv chanel. Probably, somewhere in my heart I’m thankful for that expirience, cause they instilled a kind of fortitude and perseverance inside me. I don’t know, even some severity maybe, because a good “tool” to make the people more responsible – it’s to be with them a little severer. Because now, when you film the shows, what watch by millions people in many countries around the world, you have to be very responsible for what you produce. But some people in shooting crew just don’t quite understand it and get a little ‘directing severe’ and responsibility backs again. I’m currently work as a Director, but I never leave the editing, because I think this is important part of production system, and it’s often impossible to achieve the exсellent final result if know nothing about it.

So, for example, two seasons of “Inspector Freimut” I was edited manually, immediately after the shooting ended. By the way, sometimes you spend more time in editing than in filming. I was in editing rooms throu the all press-conference of Freimut’s projects: “Inspector Freimut” and “Na nozhah”. And these products were presented by all creative team, except the Director who was like a ghost – what they told about, but nobody saw him. And during our work on the project “Vokrug M” with Lesia Nikituk I knew that the editing will be by another person. So it’s so important to construct a shooting process right, for caring about editor and prevent possible “headake” with the tons of footages from around the world. You know, it’s like a situation when former bartender comes up to the bar as a visitor, but exactly knows how it is on the other side of the bar. Bartender, incidentally, is also part of my life, but that’s another story)

2. What are you doing now?

Right now my wife and I are on vacation here. Finally, my vacation no more waited for me!). Look, with our schedule it’s not so easy to escape and go somewhere. While you filming first project, you already got the second one; until you finished the second one – you start to prepare the third one … And constantly like that… So you forgot about all birthdays, about holidays, about vacation, about weekends… about everything. As the result on my recent project, I decided that I should go somewhere to relax, to gain strength for produce something new. Here I have visited several shooting stages, met with our countrymen who live here and work for a long time in different positions like directors, producers, editors … In general, an important part of the Director’s recreation is research of important things for further work, which you have not enough time to do during the work, I think.

3. Who of the Ukrainian artists inspire you? With whom do you collaborate?

First of all, I’m inspired of the music in Ukraine was exploded like a Big Bang for sure. Posters of all music festivals, performers list, the names of bands have completely changed since 2014. It’s a flow of unfamiliar and unknown musicians, musical styles for undemanding Ukrainians. It’s like a meteorite with other forms of life felt down on the planet, where all had been painted in grey colors long time ago and nothing surprised the local population there. Once we film the music show “Stars in Opera” in “1 + 1 tv channel”, it was in 2011. I was able to work with many of our famous bands or parts of bands, artists: Valeriy Harchishin from “Druga Rika”, Milos Yelich from “Okean Elzy”, with Jamala, Fagot, Sasha Ponomarev. And they all are very cool, but for example, in my playlist I havn’t any of them, but there is ONUKA’s last album, and I really love her. This couple “Maneken” and “Onuka” doing a great job for music history of Ukraine. Although no one from this “new wave” I’ve never work with, but I think that is still to come.

4.You can hear that the young people isn’t watching TV now. What do you think about it?

Of course young people watch television less than other. Cause they have a lot of social networks where you can feel yourself like a part of the process. For example, you can film the videoblog and without casting will become a presenter, or you can produce short videoclips and gain millions of views worldwide, and it is much harder to do with a 1-hour TV show, what will collect less than a million views for sure. But television – it’s like a professional school for those amateur presenters and filmmakers, what they take examples from. And keep the young audience in the future would be possible only with that things, what this audience can’t produce by themselves yet.

5 .It’s no secret that television has become one of the main tools of political propaganda, What is your opinion to that?

In my opinion, television has always been and will be an instrument of political propaganda. And it’s good or bad depends on what side are you following and if you have any point of view. Before the “Revolution of Dignity” I worked with former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Together we produced the social video about the benefits of European integration for Ukraine. It was a political propaganda, but for me as a director and as a citizen of Ukraine, that opinion was very close and most importantly, it coincided with my interests. I wasn’t expressed the view of somebody one, when created that video, I was just visualized thinking of the most people in Ukraine, cause personally was agree with . Television will always stay as instrument of propaganda and not political only. But it is important to have your own view, what is formed not from the TV tell and show you only.

6. The new Ukrainian television. What it would be?

New Ukrainian television – it is, probably, utopian ideal form of television: without Poplavskiy’s concerts; if commercial – it like from Cannes Lions’s commercial; if the news – it must be true news; if we talking about the tv series – would be not ashamed to tell about that you watch these tv series; Sure, if TV shows – would be not ashamed to say that you filmed this TV shows)

Of course, little by little we are going to this result, because in addition to competition between TV channels , it’s a furious competition with online resources now. They lured large percentage of the audience. Many people in Ukraine just stopped to watch TV, and we are, who make a qualitative new Ukrainian TV, have to look for something new for fixing bad reputation of the “old one” TV.

7. What are your wishes to Ukrainian community in Colorado?

I wish you to love Ukrainian things . Even if you are too far from Ukrainian border. Listen something new! See something new! Do something new! Cause the movement it’s life! Good luck.